The Official Website of Shang-Lin

Welcome to the official website of Shang-Lin Chen! If you want to learn more about me for some reason, you've come to the right place. I don't like to identify myself with a pigeonholing statement like, "I am <insert profession or hobby here>," so instead, I'll tell you some factoids about myself and let you draw your own conclusions.

First of all, I'm not a mister, which you might not be able to tell from my name.

I have a degree in computer science from Caltech, where I did a number of projects. Technically, my degree is in Engineering and Applied Sciences because computer science was not a separate major at the time. I still work at Caltech. I even live in the same place, although very soon I will be living in a different part of the same building.

Since 2005, I've liked to dance. I started with a bit of everything, including salsa and Argentine tango. Now, I focus on West Coast swing and International ballroom and Latin.

I also like to do tai chi chuan. My main style is Hao, but I do some Yang style and Shaolin kung fu. Recently, I've taken up strength training and becoming a supple leopard.

I've had an online presence of some sort since the late 90's. My first website was for my cat. I also had a personal home page at Caltech that I've mirrored at Freeshell.